The Daily with Stone Age Ink

The Daily with Stone Age Ink

Meet our team!

 Hoshki Tsunoda, Cody Chiders, Shelby Taylor, Kevin Gowdy, Jordan Garza.


 Stone Age Ink is a collective where creative artists have an outlet to showcase their art through different mediums to the public. 
Started in 2018, the brand holds pride in collaboration over competition! We strive towards helping artists have their voice. 


Launch Party! November 29th! Grand Opening on Cyber Monday! 



Launch party Polaroid pics! Thank you for your support! 

Salty Bear Costa Mesa CA



A little bit about us! 

Co Owners Vanessa & Griffin Jones! We started this company in my moms upstairs attached apartment. It was a roomy 700 sq feet. We now operate out of a shared industrial warehouse and love coming to work to create! We work with some amazingly talented artists and can't wait to get some of their creations in your hands. We wanted to start a business to help our community, keeping their passion for art alive. 


Warehouse Manager :) 


Behind the scenes at the warehouse 




Signing Prints! Here's some pics of our artists behind the scenes signing their work :) 


 Shelby Taylor, Kevin Gowdy, Jordan Garza, Hoshki Tsunoda, Cody Childers.

Limited Edition prints all signed and numbered ! Getting read for our upcoming farmers market event.



Wholesale Jobs !! 

We not only have our artist collective brand, but we have been printing with a few small business owners. Here's some pics, they are pretty amazing people and we love working with them. 



Steez Jiu Jitsu Club

 Jim owns a Jiu jitsu Club in Tustin California. He is one of the nicest human beings you will ever meet, he started his business from the ground up. Survived with the lock down from covid and is now one of the top Jiu Jitsu Clubs you can join. 




Aosa Coffee

Huntington Beach CA

Aosa Coffee! Has the best coffee! If your looking for a cozy place to read, work on homework or geek out on your computer somewhere. Definitely check out their location. 

Mike & Keyana Hill are one of the sweetest, hard working, and down to earth people you will ever meet. We love working with them!




Farmers Markets!!
We have been recently selling at Newport Beach Farmers Market and SOCO in Costa Mesa. 



It is a great way to connect with our customers and be able to share what we do. We love our Farmers Market family and want to continue to grow.  




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