Vanessa Flores



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 Vanessa Flores is an artist from Huntington Beach California, upon attending the orange county school of arts she began refining her artistic talent. She showed particular interest in photography and painting with many other mediums being utilized as well. Her artistic cultivation has been attributed to “thought experiments”; a sort of conscious meditation. Her style has remained similar to the past with influences of surrealism and fantasy. 



 "Sometimes I close my eyes and let every thought, and feeling come out to paper. I began using the simplest of things; learning dimensions, shapes, value and color, to now using more complex methods of really showing my perspective of life.  Art has always been a strong passion of mine and wanted to learn every medium of it. Growing up I studied masters like Vincent van Gogh, Theodor Seuss Geisel, Georgia O’keeffe and Frida Kahlo. I loved their imagination behind there work and their use of color. Still Idolizing them today, I bring in my own twist shown through my art."